Extensions for Detergents and Indoor Cleaning Services in the voting process

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For the following product groups, an extension of the environmental criteria and the associated assessment and testing requirements was supported in the EU Regulatory Committee in order to ensure sufficient time for the completion of the revision processes that are about to start. The final decision by the EU member states is still pending and will be communicated as soon as it is available.

Decision (EU) 2017/1214 for Hand Dishwashing Detergents, (EU) 2017/1215 for Industrial and Institutional Dishwasher Detergents, (EU) 2017/1216 for Dishwashing Detergents, (EU) 2017/1217 for Hard Surface Cleaning Products, (EU) 2017/1218 for Laundry Detergents, (EU) 2017/1219 for Industrial and Institutional Laundry Detergents: extension until 31.12.2026.

Decision (EU) 2018/680 for Indoor Cleaning Services: extension until 31.12.2027.