The EU Ecolabel Logo

The EU Ecolabel Logo

EU Regulation (EC) No. 66/2010 specifies the conditions for the use of the Ecolabel Logo in Articles 9 and 10 and Annex II.

Products and services that are contractually permitted to carry the Ecolabel after successful checking of the application can be labelled with the Ecolabel Logo in accordance with this regulation.


The registration number for the Ecolabel must also appear on the product. It must appear as follows:

The registration numbers issued by RAL gGmbH have the following format: DE/YY/ZZZ, whereby YY indicates the product group and ZZZ the contract that includes the product or service.

The logo can be optionally depicted together with a text field (the option of using the text field and the text to be included within it are defined in the relevant Basic Award Criteria):

In the case of products and services placed on the market in Germany, the text is:

Besser für die Umwelt…
… besser für Sie.

If texts in other languages are required, these texts can be found in the relevant language version of EU Regulation (EC) No. 66/2010 (the language can be selected in the top right).

The criteria text in other languages can be found in the corresponding decisions (published in these languages).

Other information on the use of the logo, registration number and the optional text can be found in the “EU Ecolabel Logo Guidelines”.

Licence holders can receive the logo in higher resolutions and in different file formats together with precise information on the colours from RAL gGmbH.

If licence holders have any further questions on the use of the logo, they should get in touch directly with the listed contact person at RAL gGmbH.

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