ADAC Camping Awards 2021 - a campsite certified with the EU Ecolabel is one of the winners

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Berlin, 19/01/2021 - At the first ADAC Camping Gala held in virtual form, the winners of the most important camping awards in Europe were announced on Tuesday evening. Uwe Frers, Managing Director of ADAC Camping GmbH: “In the camping sector, the ADAC Camping Awards are considered the ultimate accolade for those camping companies who receive an award.”

“Camping le Paradis” (France) – which is certified with the EU Ecolabel – was declared the winner in the category “sustainability and environmental awareness”.
The award was presented by Henning Scholtz, the Head of RAL Umwelt, the Environmental Department, at RAL gGmbH who is also responsible for the EU Ecolabel, and he believes that people have a strong desire to get close to nature and enjoy sustainable holidays. “People want different, sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism”, according to Scholtz. Camping play an important role in this respect. In his laudation for Camping le Paradis, Scholtz highlighted the company’s management approach based on ecological principles and the exemplary water management system at the campsite and also added: “Alongside their careful and sparing use of natural resources, the whole team at the campsite receive ongoing training in environmentally conscious behaviour and are committed to ensuring that these environmental and quality standards are fulfilled on a daily basis.” More information on Camping Le Paradis in Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère , near PiNCAMP, is available on the ADAC online portal.

The other companies nominated in the category “sustainability and environmental awareness” were Camping Wirthshof from Germany and Camping de Wildhoeve from the Netherlands.